Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who is this Ricky S guy anyway?

Back in 2005, when this blog was in its earlier avatar [and, trust me, you don't want to know how it looked back then. It had a ridiculous pink theme(!) 'nuff said.] I used to dabble in some short stories -- some with a humourous tilt, in intent at least, and others, quasi-psycho babble. I used to have a recurring character, Riggitt, in some of my short stories. I didn't have a plan or any such thing, and I still don't.

I thought I'd give him a different name. Honestly, the name Riggitt was cooked up when random syllables came crashing together in my head. So I thought I could rename him to something more conventional, and change the narrative to the first person -- just to see where I can take him. For the moment, I see him as a blowhard. He observes the world and has a far too high an opinion of himself. I'll try bringing his discourses imparting wisdom during sporadic updates of this blog. There will be some amount of dry wit, but knowing me the wit tends to get more staid as things progress, usually. But I'll try to keep this going to humour myself.

Until I get bored of him of course.

Till then, here's part one.
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