Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NIN New Album Crashes Servers

Trent Reznor netted a cool $750,000 when he silently released Nine Inch Nails' latest album, Ghosts I-IV. He's offered nine tracks on his site for free download, i.e., part one. There were rumours that he was going to do a Radiohead, but his multiple pricing model looks like a winner already. It's interesting to note that the album was released with zero press or buzz of any kind; just a discreet message on their site. It's a middle finger to the record label, Interscope, that he was contracted to, and whom he had a big tiff with, before becoming a free agent.

Just downloaded the free tracks, and it looks like I might have to get my hands on the rest too. First impressions: Excellent.


  1. excellent work this one........ i always wanted an instrumental album from NIN... and it cost me $5 only! :)

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