Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Beef With CNN Newscasters

I don't mind the election season. As a matter of fact I find it the most intriguing thing on TV at the moment. CNN calls it 'Ballot Bowl', and given it is the basket ball season, it really is fun. The news, that is.

But the most curious thing of the past week was the hubris surrounding the Democratic primaries/caucuses of yesterday. In hindsight it's easier to say this, but did anyone really think Super Tuesday (or was it Do-or-Die Tuesday?) was going to determine the democratic nominee? After all, we already had one Republican candidate who ran all the way despite not having a mathematical chance of overwhelming John McCain -- the fact that he didn't major in mathematics was why laws of arithmetic didn't apply to him, apparently -- so Hillary could do so too.

But back to what I really wanted to say: Have you ever been in a room filled with noise emanating from the drone of a turbine or some huge cooling fan? In places of work that involve such noisy rooms they usually give employees ear plugs. Well, you might say, 'Why do I need ear plugs? It's just a noisy fan. I'll manage.', which is only fair. But no. The noise gnaws into you, and after a while you start thirsting for those ear plugs and run out of the room, begging for them.

Wolf Blitzer on CNN did the closest impression of said noise-creating agent, when, after breaking the news of John McCain's Republican nomination, mentioned 'John McCain' twenty times in a space of half a minute. You see, I was like the employee not willing to exercise restraint by taking in CNN in moderation. It got to me and it left me with no choice but to switch the television off. And switch-off I did.


No up-to-the-minute news on the vote count. No John King playing with his iPhone-ish multi-touch screen that everyone in the newsroom were in awe of; that multi touch screen was sophisticated and revolutionary, they say. No repeated mentions of CNN and 'The Best(-est) Political Team in the Whole World (and Mars)' in the same sentence.

Yes, my friends. It was silence like I've never experienced before and I was convinced, for a fleeting moment, that I could live without CNN.

PS: I could have switched to Fox News, but I'd have to contend with their 'Fair and Balanced Views' on all aspects of life. Also, the Fox network canceled Arrested Development. Something I can never forgive them for.


  1. You try MSNBC (ch.64). But eventually you get tired of all news channels who just try to infuse more drama even when it isn't needed.

  2. Seen that too. I like Olbermann, somewhat, but have grown tired of his monotone. Sounds more rubbish these days.

    But news channels are still fun as long as we have elections.

  3. Economy is in recession, gas prices are going up,
    winter is cold. Now sit in your chair, relax and turn on
    cnn to see what is happening. Jack Cafferty (Mr. boring) comes on moaning and growning about some-
    thing and has that pathetic look (again). Why do they
    need someone on a major station who is down on
    everything. Does the jerk ever have something positive
    to say. Why is the station so desperate they need poor reporting. He asks a question and only puts up the
    answers that he agrees with. Find someone new and
    interesting. Wolf Blitzer is another drag. What is it
    with these guys. Are they in with the boss? I guess
    until things change I will just have to keep the mute
    botton close at hand. Most of your staff us doing a
    good job. They use fair standards - presenting both
    sides of a story. Get rid of Jack (please)

  4. I disagree with the above except the wolf man ,m he must go PLEASE We rake up the old leaves nov. 4th\
    but can not dig out the dead Bush till jan.20 th.
    Question Will george ever complete his seven or so mos.he was A.W.O.L from the Air national Guard..

  5. Where is John Cafferty??? We miss his comments. Bring him back.