Friday, November 16, 2007

Half-Baked Thoughts on Om Shanti Om

I haven't been off the TV loop, I can assure you. It is among the only things, these days, that I seem to have the time for. This, in no way, means I am too busy with my life, or whatever that is supposed to be. It could, however, mean that my attention span is decreasing at an alarming rate.

But I love my TV shows. Before getting to them -- in a future post -- some minor observations have cropped up, so far, that needs addressing.

I saw bits and segments of Om Shanti Om. From it, I could gather that Shah Rukh Khan dies and is reborn as another Shah Rukh Khan. He is, of course, not known as Shah Rukh Khan in the movie but as Om Kapoor (or as they call him OK). Although that is just a technicality. His love interest is called Shanti in the movie. So the two Om's sandwiching Shanti in between give the title Om Shanti Om. Except, Shanti, who also dies, comes back again (as Shanti, presumably, because I saw only bits and segments) which would make it Om Shanti Om Shanti. Er, I must think again before I make up my own theory.

Said bits and pieces of the movie, however, did give me a guided tour of Bollywood. The stars, that is. I was hoping to spot some new face in the "31 stars" song. After all, I have been woefully out of touch with Bollywood, lately. Seems I did miss quite a bit.

Mithun, Jeetendra and Tusshar Kapoor (correct me if the spelling has changed) are big stars now. I mean they are back again. And Amitabh Bachchan is on the wane. After all, the movie is meant to showcase Bollywood, no?

I don't have a problem with the former two but I do have some issues with Tusshar Kapoor. His mere presence in a movie goes against anything one would believe in. Anything. Note the use of the word 'anything' here. It is a vague choice of word, but so is he. How he's there in a Farah Khan movie that showcases the Bollywood Parivar with SRK, presumably, the head of it all is beyond me. And Zayed Khan too.

The movie, I hear, is running to packed houses. So then I think it must be a brilliant movie, no? Surely we wouldn't doubt the choice of the billion, would we?

Johnny Gaddar, someone tells me, is a good movie. He uses the adjective Tarantino-ish to describe it. Someone points out to Saawariya. And another friend tells there is a movie called Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. I thought it was an old song. But I was instantly ticked off when I heard Rani Mukherji was in the movie, and as a prostitute. Hoarse voiced women don't enthuse me much. Which is, of course, no offence meant to hoarse voiced women reading this thing.

Yesterday, someone -- yes, someone is telling me a lot of things these days -- told me about a movie called Speed. It is a Hindi movie, I was told. To the movie's credit, it is not a remake of the Keanu Reeves starrer. Although, it might have been lifted off another Hollywood flick, the name of which does not strike me at present.

So, as you see, I am spoilt for choice at the moment. Joy!

Till next time.


  1. lol... man..... good to see u back

  2. Its a damned brilliant movie!