Friday, October 26, 2007

Bauer Is Back...

... and so is Tony Almeida. Yes, really. The same Tony Almeida who was apparently killed off in season 5.

I know, it might sound a little weird. But then, I guess it is perhaps the best move made by the writers, yet -- after the dud that was season 6. Bringing back the dead is probably the only way this show could get a kick back into gear. At the end of season 6 we really didn't have many characters to like or even care about. Even Jack's predicament appeared a little contrived.

Hopefully, Tony's return -- albeit, as a rogue agent -- might help bring this show back from the abyss.

On a slight tangent, it is strange to see the Youtube videos of the trailers taken down due to copyright infringement. Teasers build interest into shows, and if that sort of publicity comes free in terms of viral videos, I don't understand why these network bigwigs would want to shut them down. The above video is taken off Dailymotion. Watch it while it lasts.

Oh, and a nod to Mathew for telling me about the new trailer of Season 7.


  1. You are serious about this credit where credit is due thing, aren't you? :-)

  2. As a matter of fact, yeah. I had kinda given up hope on 24.

  3. Oy! Thanks for the backhanded compliment. I did, in fact, think the play of words was rather clever :)