Sunday, June 3, 2007

SEO Does Work at times

I saw a spike in my site stats today. Not that the spike was particularly steep. But the stat whore that I can be on occasions, I casually looked at my search engine terms for the day:

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Much joy appeared at finally seeing people coming to the site with search terms that actually led to relevant content here. So will that mean more Search Engine Optimized post titles (which also translates to trite unimaginative titles)? I hope not.


  1.! lol! looks like google has finally added AI in their search algo :P

  2. Of course, SEO works! SEO has a bad name on the web but when you use it to point to genuine quality content (like in your case), its use is entirely justifiable.

    BTW I have been getting a stream of related searches too.

  3. [Amit]

    You know what, I am actually considering that option. I might get loads of email IDs I can spam people with :)

    It was also a demonstration of how vague, searches have usually been leading to my site. But again, it's not as if I was creating insanely useful content anyway.

  4. [...] focus on maximizing the reach of your post using Wordpress tools.Piker recently mentioned that using SEO titles meant using ‘trite unimaginative titles’ but that is not entirely true. You still can have your cake and eat it too (he does use one [...]