Thursday, June 7, 2007

Colbert vs Rain

This one cracked me up a bit.

A few weeks back Stephen Colbert made his own Korean R&B music video after being stung by the fact that Korean R&B singer Rain pipped him to the number one spot in Time magazine's online poll of the most influential people of 2007.

The first clip showed his music video.

Apparently this didn't go down well with the Korean media. He met with a scathing attack which he promptly responded to in this clip.

Nice. I like.

I don't get the big deal about Rain anyway. I hadn't even heard of him before seeing the video on Colbert. (I still wonder how he even pipped Colbert in that poll in the first place) If anything, the Korean media should be happy that a mention of Rain had prompted me (and a lot more Colbert viewers) to do a Wikipedia search on him.

The whole white supremacy talk was ridiculously funny!


  1. 1) Too many Korean teenager with broadband access. That should explain how Rain beat Colbert.

    2) Korean's don't have a sense of humour. How could they not "get" Colbert's brand of humour?

    3) The real trouble will start when Colbert will pick some Indian guy to go up against.

  2. [NvK]

    That would be fun, although he has picked up on Amitabh and SRK