Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Of Lakshmi Mittal and Football Clubs

I am expecting this piece of news to make it big in the Indian media. Lakshmi Mittal (yeah that steel guy) is apparently linked with a possible takeover of English Premier League football club Birmingham. I remember the frenzy when Baichung Bhutia moved to third division side Bury.

For those who don't follow football that much and have heard only names like Chelsea and Manchester United, Chelsea were a mediocre club before a Russian billionaire bought the club. Now they are a world power in football. He was worth around 9 billion pounds. Mittal is worth double at around 19.25 billion!

Although Mittal's decision to buy the club would be from a purely personal and a business standpoint, expect the media to start talking about how that is going to improve Indian football. Or better, "Does that mean football following is on the rise in India?" Or rather the usual, "Will we qualify for the next World Cup?"

What fun, no? I can't wait for it. (Please TOI, NDTV, Aaj Tak and co. Don't disappoint me!)
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