Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Among the few regular commenters on this blog, Amit/Etherdust was a senior of mine in my undergrad days and a good friend. He has a blog that mostly talks about stuff related to music. Of course his posts are more known for their start-and-you-finish levels of brevity but that's not the point anyway. He claims that writing is not his thing, although I strongly disagree. I remember his noir-like short story series on his older blog which was very good. Anyway his blog, i.e., the Music/mp3 genre of blogs is a rare breed at least in the desi blogosphere so I thought I could bring this to the attention of the few that actually read this.

Actually Amit dabbles in music composition, and he's just posted a new song in his blog. I thought I might help him get more listeners. (This was voluntary on my part, mind you, and I bet he'd be in for a surprise with this post) Of course, just before you head off to listen, something you might want to know.

Most of his compositions are in the industrial/electronic rock sub-genre and his music is generally dark in mood and theme. This song is no different. So if you love experimental music and artists like Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, Celldweller and so on, you might like his tunes. He is also involved in CCMixter which is basicallya movement for the creative commons remixing and sharing of music. It is like blogging (or rather open source coding) where you re-use existing tunes for non-commercial purposes. He also believes the Open Source philosophy in software should extend to music in a big way.

Anyway, that's it from me over to him.


  1. dude! i have to say it doesnt happen too often :D

    i AM surprised.. and in a good way too :D ...thanks for the mention!! :)

  2. [Amit]
    You are welcome, although I doubt I will be able to have enough traffic to drive into your site. :)
    Anyway, any publicity is good publicity.