Thursday, May 31, 2007

Theme Hunting

I'm furiously hunting for Wordpress themes these days. You see, I tire quickly - kinda explains why I've been shifting from one blog service to another. So a theme change seems like the next thing to do.

I love the current K2 theme. Gives good freedom of customization and all. But as I said, I want a change and I am looking for a nice enough theme.

So readers, (the few of you) kindly help me out here. I am looking for a two column layout that is wide. Meaning, I want my content to occupy at least 90-95% of the width of this page as against the current one which at best occupies 75%. I also want support for inline asides. I know K2 can be customized and all, but I am looking for a much more pleasing looking theme.

So suggestions are welcome.

Update: And yes, I have looked up Smashing magazine's 83 beautiful Wordpress themes and many more such sites. The most impressive of them was this Fall Season theme


  1. make your own,

  2. Don't force me to think up new expletives. Speaking of themes and genius programmers/designers/HCI experts, how about you designing one for me? :) You could take some time off your Google summer of code! You might be into developing Google Gears too I believe?

  3. i think this would help..