Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google Reader Goes Offline

When Scoble gave that now famous interview about managing his 622 feeds a day, he mentioned that one of the few disadvantages of Google Reader was the lack of an offline reading facility.

It now appears that biggies like Google actually listen to comments of A-list bloggers like him. Although I doubt they might have come up with the offline add-on so soon.

Anyway Google Reader feeds can now be read offline. So, for those highly addicted RSS-readers going on long trips here's the solution. Google Reader requires you to select the Offlines option in their feed menu and prompts you to install a GadgetGears Firefox add-on. Once done installing, you have to restart the browser to be able to start downloading the feeds.

For further details go ahead and read the tutorial.


  1. Damn! I have almost an exact post in draft mode with the same Scoble link.

  2. [Patrix]
    Heh! (Great minds think alike!)
    Go ahead post it! It's a free market. :)
    You will have more readers reading it anyway, greater good will be done!