Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Yes we all know that Subhash Chandra, that Zee TV guy who gave us Annu Kapoor, is planning a parallel cricket league. The article I found on Cricinfo quotes him thus:
... the Indian board's selection process has failed to create "a reserve pipeline of players", Chandra added that the idea behind the league is to create an "ideal pool with killing instinct".

Hmm... I thought 'killer' was the word. Pool with killing instinct sounds more like a blood splattering mob of goons.

Anyway, we also know that Greg Chappell has turned in his papers to the BCCI, making their job much easier, but what of a replacement? A glance at some of the names being spelled out by the media does not make good reading... Amarnath, Sandeep Patil and hold your breath... Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri! So we would either have white-skin-hate comments or 'expert and impartial' team analyses during post-match press conferences. And if, Sunny does become the coach we would have the added incentive and guarantee that Sachin would play for the next 20 years (or as long as Sunny stays).
Dav Whatmore, anyone?
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