Tuesday, April 3, 2007

To a Permanent Home

Finally it comes to this. The long nomadic journey culminating in what is now surely, a permanent abode for The Piker. Welcome to my humble webshite(sic). For those who are new here and want to know more please click on the About tab on this page, read that, and if you liked it, get back to reading this post. And if you liked this post you could also subscribe to my feed as well as browse through my Archives and Creative Junk tabs (if you have ample time to kill, that is). For those loyalists, first finish reading this post and then go ahead and read the About section. It is different from the About tab in my old blog.

Ah! Okay. Now that the basic receiving-the-guest-routine is gotten out of the way we can sit down and chat a bit more about this place and what you could expect in the coming days/months/years depending on your respective attention spans. The reason I switched from Blogger to earlier, was the sheer beauty of the themes, ability to categorize posts, ease of navigation in the blog and much more. Yes, one couldn't customize to great extents, as in the HTML code of the blog unlike Blogger. I am more of a control junkie, so it was inevitable that at some point in the future (with sufficient cash to back me up) I would shift to a platform that afforded me greater control. So I shifted to (For those of you unaware of the difference kindly read this and this). So a domain name, some web hosting space and a one-click install of Wordpress later, you see this in front of you. Yes, there were some nervy moments setting it up and adding the required plugins but for the moment it suits me fine.

This is still a work in progress and you will see some more cosmetic additions to the blog (apart from my content!). I haven't gone big on the ads yet so you still have some respite for the moment. (In case you didn't already realize, monetizing is definitely on my agenda at some level :) ) Although, I guarantee, I am not going to indulge in optimized keywords thus diluting the exalted standard of writing in this blog. So at the moment, the only form of ad space on this blog is Text Link Ads on the sidebar. By clicking either here or on the ad on the sidebar if you go on to register with them and get accepted as a publisher based on your site traffic etc, then I get paid $25! So that is a long shot, because I assume most of my readers are not one of those A-listers. So there.

Anyway, I will have my usual personal experiences posts interspersed with the occasional rants; about how poor the Indian cricket team is, about some cool Web based application that I used and found to be interesting (yawn!), and possibly (if you are lucky) some Murderous Humour with Riggit thrown into it for heightened effect! As I said, this blog needs some work, and I'll leave it to you to play around and let me know if you see any bugs or suggest some more features I could add without much fuss. And for that you could either use the comments section (duh!) or the cool contact form tab that I have on the blog header.

So go ahead. Link me on your blogs, tell your friends and foes that a new kid has come to town. He will make you happy at the end of every post. That's all I can guarantee. Of course, if you don't feel happy you could always unsubscribe from my blog. (Now that's something no blogger would tell you to do!)

P.S: Anyone who can tell me how to get the Ajax commenting working would get a free smiley credited to them!


  1. Congrats on your new home! Let me warn you, a customized blog is always a work in progress and you may spend more time 'customizing' than actually blogging.

    BTW, you don't have to have an A-Lister to register to get the $25 in referral. As long as the subscribers enlists and installs the code on their blogs, you get the money.

    Your AJAX commenting problem might be due to some plugin (most likely culprit - Adhesive). Deactivate them one by one and test.

  2. Hmm. Rich American Bugger. Next you will be providing links and becoming the next instapundit. :)

    Sell out!

  3. [Patrix]
    I have only 3 plugins. Akismet, Feedburner and Google Analytics. Anyway I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

    I have a lot of hard work ahead of me before I can even think of becoming a mercenary. It would require around 100 to 200 hits a day to start making anything substantial. Anyway, I am not putting up Google ads and the like until my hit count really goes up. Point is, since I'm paying for it, I will blog regularly and bore you guys to death.

  4. Customising is kewl... see mine


  5. cool.. congrats on your new online home

  6. [Amit] Thanks
    Nice template I must say. Good customization.