Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Treble Dreams Still Alive

It's been a feature of United's performance throughout this season, with all their attacking verve and flair, demolishing teams at will. But to do such a feat in Europe was going to take something special. Today's UEFA Champions' League quarterfinal against Roma was one such example of pure footballing masterclass. A team that was trailing by two goals to one in the first leg, and on the back of a limp defeat to Portsmouth three days ago, such a revival was totally out of the blue. We have seen Arsenal's famed artistry fade away due to their profligacy in front of goal, Chelsea's clinical efficiency overshadowed by their mechanical play. But today was a demonstration of poetry in motion (to borrow a beaten to death cliche) that combined clinical efficiency to a ruthless level.

In the Premiership they are ahead of Chelsea by a slender three points and play lowly Watford in the FA Cup where they could in all certainty meet Chelsea in the final. Highly improbable though it may seem, the heady 'Treble' year of 1999 still come to mind. It's still a long way off. But today's masterful performance was a day to remember and enough to let other teams shudder at the thought of playing United.

In case you have missed Manchester United's 7-1 demolition of AS Roma, here is where you can see the goal videos. [via Soccerlens]


  1. I agree. With rant out of town, I am making a humble request for you to fill me in on all the inside stuff.
    And all hail Fergal.
    We dare to dream again...

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