Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Asides

For those of you who visit my site to read the posts (unlike the few that read this blog off feed readers), you might be wondering what those posts with small fonts enclosed in blue boxes were. Well, just to clear the air, it is a feature of Wordpress's K2 theme that allows one to categorize posts into 'Asides'. These posts are just meant to be something of a nudge and a whisper to my dear reader, of some nice links that I found on the net, or a line or two about the state of affairs in my personal life, or some half baked comments I may have on some earth changing issue for which I cannot possibly write a full-blown post.

Initially I thought of disabling comments, but decided against it, as it goes against the very basic fabric of this blog - if it was ever founded on a fabric, that is. Also I wont have titles for these posts (even though I might consider for some posts in the future), so dear feed readers, if you see the first line of a post appear as the title, you know you are staring at an Asides post.

That's enough gyaan for the day. For those of you wondering how to make your Wordpress blog have an inline aside with the new K2 theme, drop me a line. I might make a post on it. :)


  1. Yeah...don't you dare disable comments :)

    BTW, your blog doesn't remember me each time I come back to comment.

  2. What do you mean by "doesn't remember"? Your comments don't require moderation anyway.

  3. I have to type in my name, email, and website each time I comment.