Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh No, Not Again!

Oh come on!

We wouldn't be far off the mark if we say "We saw it coming", would we? Three different sub-continent teams played Australia in three successive finals with no answers really. Although the scorecard of the Sri Lankans made better reading than the creaming their Indian and Pakistani counterparts got the last two times.

Anyway, this World Cup has been the worshtest World Cup I have ever watched (rather not watched). Either you had the most boring low scoring games or you had insanely one sided contests. And to modify the oft stated cliche, may I take this opportunity to say, CRICKET IS THE BIGGEST LOSER. Even Chelsea appear to be set to lose out on a hattrick of Premiership titles after today's amazing comeback by Man United.

Australia World Cup

After all we would have really handed the World Cup to Australia in a platter, had it not been for the false hope the Kiwis gave us, just prior to the cup.

Well, here's the mandatory grudging admiration.

Well done Australia. Here's hoping you get all happy and drunk about your victory, and get sucked into a vortex that transports you to a parallel universe, so that other mortals (like the teams we support, for instance) have the chance to lift the cup at least once. Amen!

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  1. ..yeh.. we knew it all along now didnt we..