Friday, April 27, 2007

Continued Hiatus and Guest Blogging

My return with a useful post is taking longer than I would want, with my usually healthy posting frequency taking a beating in the process. With the craziness that accompanies semester endings fast coming to an end, the day is not far off before I get back to writing something meaningful. But I still managed to guest blog (or should I rather say, I am a part of their crew).

So while I am busy slogging my ass out for the next couple of days, you can take the time out to check out my Arrested Development post on DesiDabba. And I also now blog at Soccerlens. Among the fastest growing Soccer (Football) blogs, where I wrote a preview last week ahead of the Manchester United - Milan first leg UEFA Champions' League game. I know, that news might sound stale now, given the second leg is just a few days away but then my second post is rather new. It's my take on some priceless quotes from The Great Flop, Andriy Shevchenko. A note of caution though... do not comment on the post title (that's the site admin's creative effort! I've already been attacked for what a lot of commentors think to be an atrocious headline) Nevertheless, I must say it attracted quite a bit of readers. Am enjoying the attention and reactions. Very enriching experience indeed!


  1. didn't know u'd get so much fame so soon :D guess ur not ahead of ur time or anything then.. congrats!

  2. [...] to Oz Land, Rohit is quoting and commenting, Piker is purportedly busy but not too busy to guest blog on two separate blogs, Sakshi is well, prolific as usual apart from cheering on Aussies to a well deserved win, [...]

  3. [Amit]
    To be honest, it's not a big deal actually. You just have to register with Soccerlens and show them you can write. Nothing else really. And guess what the guy at soccerlens is planning to start club specific blogs, let him know if you are interested in a Liverpool blog. He'll buy the domain, host it and promote it. He'll get writers on board and you could join if you want. Most likely I am going to join the United blog which will come up soon!