Monday, February 12, 2007

Minor motivated changes

Yes I know. The template. It's different. Regular readers would be quick to point out the frivolity, but I put that down to reasons beyond the usual whims and fancies thing. For a person who has shifted blogging ship, not once but twice (making this the third blog) a harmless template change wouldn't be viewed as a major renovation job. More like moving furniture around the room. But, I felt that the fonts on the earlier template were a bit too small for my liking. It's a different matter that none of my readers mentioned it. Maybe it's time I get a reading glass.

The other reason for a rather alarming level of activity (yes, it is alarming, as my regulars would once again concur) is the fact that after a long time I really have to pay more attention to my academics after a gap that ended up being longer than expected. Trust me, it's a test of one's will power to have an e-book of Machine Learning open on one window and the wireless network connection icon in the taskbar beckoning (with the intermittent blinking blue light signifying connectivity), and reminding you every moment that the World Wide Web needs you. And after all the mails being checked and rechecked and after all the online friends being chatted with and after all the bookmarked pages done visiting and revisiting, comes Wordpress. One look at the template, some brain neuron fires (forgive the Neural Network analogy, that's thanks to said Machine Learning book) a signal of dissatisfaction and voila (that's the first time I used the word), a template change and a new post.

I could guarantee myself a ticket to heaven if I manage an hour resisting the temptation of the Web. That reminds me, I've got to get back. The quiz has a precious 10% weightage and I need to make full use of it. And yes, if you read the title of this post right now it might sound like one of those sorry attempts at puns.

You are welcome!


  1. "The quiz has a precious 10% weightage and I need to make full use of it"

  2. It's different. And nice.
    Why the clutter? Because of the quiz, a 'regular reader' might think...
    Also , is there a I-know-I have-a-superhero -hidden-away-in-mine-cranium thing?

  3. [Amit]
    Yeah precious 10% it is. Unfortunately appears wouldn't get all of it.

    What clutter?
    And about the superhero and my cranium, I hope you are referring to the neuron firing analogy.
    Btw, hosting your blog on yahoo 360 does not help commenters. There should be another option for non-members, something like what blogger has.

  4. I am lazy to move, which I feel is brilliant logic.
    No, the superhero thing was for "world wide web needs me" :P
    Clutter due to the alarming level of activity.
    I have, in a moment of fascinating spellbeecrapping, typed the link wrong.

  5. [Gee]
    hmm... I was wondering where I got that from. I do have a thing for Superheroes. Plus watching a lot of Smallville and Heroes of late, on T.V. Seems to have settled quite comfortably into my subconscious.

  6. Oh, thank goodness it's at least Smallville. There is a huge brigade of believers out there. Who believe that having truckloads of money and a streak of revenge maketh a Superhero. Tosh, really.