Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back to school… and some other things

Like they say, "Stuff happens". Or, was it stuff or something other word that starts with 's'?


Just as I begin to get rid of the indolence that characterized the sleepy month, that was December (and early January), I wake up to the rudeness of a mid term test this week. I use the word 'rudeness' due to its ruthless timing. And it doesn't exactly begin or end with the test. The forewarning was there. But it was not your usual lull - before - the - mild - storm thing. More like a sensuous - kiss - followed - by - brutal - murder (murderer's face glowing with enormous pride and satisfaction). The murder of the kind we have been accustomed to on the increasingly tired looking Saw series of movies. Anyway, that would also be the end of my use of analogies due to them being generally rubbish. It's something like George Bush consciously attempting standup comedy. (Ah damn! I'm sorry, I'll stop it. No more of it. I assure you, so read on.)

Talking of Bush, reminds me... I read about Barack Obama making his speech in Chicago today, officially declaring his decision to run for Presidency. I have been reading quite a bit about him these days and having seen Hillary's speech a couple of weeks ago felt tempted to watch his speech. Now I am not a sucker for political speeches, nor am I even well versed in the American political system (apart from the knowledge that they have a bi-party system and they have the Congress and the Senate) to pass judgements. But there was some level of honesty when he spoke about a lot of things that made Hillary's speech seem hollow. From what I've read and seen about him, he strikes me as extremely knowledgeable and intelligent and his biggest test would come from the conservative strongholds and the fact that he's African-American. Of course, he is still the second popular candidate from the Democrats, after Hillary at the moment. I guess either of them might be better than the half-wit that currently runs things.

Getting back to my life - however uneventful but nonetheless, the central theme of this blog - there were quite a few firsts for me over the past 6 months here. More recently was the experience of watching Superbowl XLI (on the telly of course!) and the ads that dot the Superbowl, both of which were underwhelming to say the least. Save for an ad or two they were generally ones that would force you to go to the kitchen to grab a drink or chips. Oh, I forgot, American ads are not very different in terms of quality from our Desi ones. The difference is that they screw up trying to look smart. I was also disappointed watching a lop-sided Super Bowl in general. The team I supported (Indianapolis Colts) did win but I expected a certain level of thrill that I have become accustomed to while watching (American) football. My interest in the game of course stretches way back to September 2006! So with that kind of understanding of the game, my loyalties to NFL clubs will remain fickle for a long time to come. But as far as college football (or college sports in general) is concerned, my loyalties are firmly with the Aggies and I've never been more pleased than with their recent win over the Longhorns (in both football and basketball). The football win was more satisfying given the Longhorns' apparent superiority as far as the dodgy BCS ranking system goes.

American football will always remain low in my favorite sports list that is currently led by the football I grew up watching followed by cricket that is fast becoming a distant second. Which is shocking, what was once at the very top of my list. I rememeber the days when I turned on the T.V over an hour before the coin toss to see Ravi Shastri say the Indian batting order are the best and turned off the T.V only after the post game show where (after a thumping loss) Mr Expert Shastri say the batsman aren't good enough. There were also days where I would read The Hindu's elaborate coverage on the Ranji trophy, players that I would read about and hope they would one day make it big at the international level. Coming to America and the obvious lack of coverage in the media to the game were not my major excuses. I just got sick of the game. I'm sure the World Cup would have lots of fires to rekindle.

I have a mid term test to study for and an avalanche of assignments to tackle. Will cut this post short.

And yeah, I am sure I wouldn't be able to cut out the analogies in the future. Be warned.
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