Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Ides of March

So to speak. My Ides of March is a clear week before Caeser's death! 

It seemed like a few days ago... (and really it was just a couple of posts ago) that I had a quiz and now just as I begin to settle down to an online diet of what I term as Super Monday, (Prison Break, 24 and Heroes) I realize to my horror that February has 28 days and come March 1st, a tasty midterm that goes by the name Hypertext is beckoning. There went those two extra days that would usually be in all the other 11 months, when I would cover all that was taught over a period of two weeks in a matter of those two days. I was never good at planning for the future anyway. So there...

But do not fear dear readers. The 1st of March is just the beginning of a week that also includes assignment submission, a poster presentation (I don't know why I even agreed to do one - which is another case of poor planning) and gulp!... another midterm.

Till then I would request my now relatively vella friends to engage you all with their literary gems -although I'm sure the third guy that I linked would be too engrossed in downloading episodes off rapidshare to even care to read this post, let alone blog!

Anyway, I'm sure it's not too much to ask innit?Â

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