Friday, February 23, 2007

Golden Oldies

After having imported all my old posts from my earlier blog, I hadn't quite organized it. So I thought I would do that and flaunt it. And I created a page that features some of the posts from my old blog that could be classified as Creative Writing, so to speak. Regular readers would be aware of Riggit, the character and his tales. Of course, a lot of my short stories made little sense in idea or execution and I guess the pseudo-intellectual essays also didn't do any better. Unfortunately wordpress does not allow creating posts on pages other than the front page (the page that you are currently on) so I categorized them as creative junk and linked it in my Creative Junk page.

So when you go to that page you can choose to either read or ignore the rant (not very different from this post) that precedes the link to my Golden Oldies.
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