Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Story

This is one of my attempts at storytelling. The first one that is open to public viewing. Others will follow soon depending upon the response I get. This is one IS pretty small. So here goes...


Riggit was a 10 year old boy. He was born with a gifted brain. But his name was a rather unfortunate thing to have happened to him. So, much of his childhood was spent wondering why he had to answer his name twice. This led him to realise that he had a rather unusual name. At the tender age of 15, he quit school to analyse psychological patterns... especially that which occurs in the brain when a human hears a name that he hadn't heard of before. His parents thought that he was insane. The psychatrist also didn't disagree. So he was sent to a mental hospital, where he kept asking people (including the staff) their names. John was his neighbour and childhood friend. He was also intellectually gifted. He had a conventional name. He didn't quit school. He went like the rest of the crowd. He became successful monetarily and matrimonially. John shifted his interests towards starting a business. Riggit shifted his interests towards 'Analysing brain patterns in reaction to a question asked'. John's new field took him to great heights and made him prosperous. Riggit's new field took him to prison because the asylum staff suspected that he was working undercover for a spy organisation, as he asked too many questions. In prison, he had none to talk to. He died pretty soon by drowning himself in the prison commode. John lived a long life. The day Riggit died, they found a diary. It was empty except for the first page which read:
"I was born with an unusual name. I quit school to do something that was important to me. They thought that I was insane. They put me in an asylum. Then they put me in prison. That was my story. So, if you want to make it big in this world, lose your name and identity.
If you think you are being a player, by thinking differently, you are mistaken. You only end up being a football. --- Riggit
P.S: I faked insanity to get into the asylum."

* * *

"So", continued Ochiri, after finishing his story, asking Pikrik one of the greatest questions ever asked, "Was Riggit actually insane inspite of faking it?" Fortunately the question was never answered as Pikrik had one of the greatest excuses offered by man. He was fast asleep

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