Saturday, December 25, 2004

Threads of thought

I've been thinking a lot lately. It probably could be a reason for my reticence as far as blogging is concerned. Anyway, the point is that I have been thinking a lot lately and the point that this point leads to is that, all of what I had been thinking have been thoughts for a change.

One thread of thought took me to paths. Yes, paths. Paths with signboards which say career, religion, food, sleep etc. The career thought-thread didn't occupy much of my time but the religion thread did. Religion is something that every human belongs to... even if he is an atheist. Given a choice, what religion would one choose? I gave myself the chance to weigh each religion based on what I perceived it to be. Islam's reputation is too soiled by the media that I am not interested to be associated with it. (Rule: When you endorse something make sure it has a clean reputation) Hinduism on the other extreme end is so flexible that it seems to have lost a sense of identity. (Rule: When you endorse something make sure it can be identified with a unique owner... here read GOD) I settled with Buddhism.

Buddhism is more like me. It denounces extremes, it treads the middle path. The Buddha said that a person who sits in the Himalayas is hardly better off than a wastrel. Balanced living is the way to nirvana. Anyway, this was only a thread of thought and nothing more. As it turned out, the thread got killed by a knife wielding Sanjay Dutt on some non-descript channel and its ghost managed to linger on in the form of this post.

If we try tracing back the thread (that just got killed) to some distance and branch it to a different direction, you will see what I saw. I saw that all religions say the same thing essentially and you are born into one of them. Whether you change from one to another, it does not matter. It is similar to Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia of 1984. The texts explain the same concepts... maybe in different languages. Athiests, are the revolutionaries of Goldstein. The fact that they are revolutionaries or a separate religion in themselves is ofcourse left to doubt, or rather doublethink.

I am sorry if this post alienated (for a while) those who haven't read '1984'. Anyway this thread continues to live in my recesses, haunting me with its intrigue.
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