Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Back from exile

After yet another self imposed exile, I return in not quite the Ramaesque manner that one would expect. Before I move on to talk about the beauty of absurdity, I think its proper that I give the answers to my Kafka Challenge *;)* as I see some readers were actually, eager to know them. Those who do not know what i am talking about, please read my previous post, the answers to which lie in the next paragraph of this post.

The answer to the first one is HYPOCRISY. Look up this word's meaning in the dictionary. Then read the my previous post once again if you are not convinced. For the second one it is a man who has procrastinated indefinitely suddenly wakes up to reality and realises that it's a bit too late. All he can do is watch like a passive observer to his own downfall.

That about wraps up the previous post. Now on to what I had been upto during my exile. I read a couple of books... George Orwell's 1984 and Michael Crichton's Timeline. 1984 is probably the best (and ofcourse... the only) negative book that I have read. It scares you after you finish reading it. Whatever it is, a must read. Timeline is what I would call a brilliant marriage of science with fiction... so typical of Crichton and yet so much real as compared with the other sci-fi stories that you would hear.

Yes, I am in Chennai. The city of ... ummm... I don't know. It's pretty habitual to link a city with something... ah yes! It's the city of humidity or otherwise, the city of NO water. This is the best time to be here as the weather is highly pleasing. It seems that I have run out of ideas as I seem to have nothing more to write. Let me see if I remember why I set out to write this post. Oh yes, now I remember... I was supposed to write this post for two reasons...
1. To give answers to my previous post
2. To update my blog with an extra.
I think I have achieved my objective. So I'll sign off for now. I promise to post a more thought provoking post tomorrow or the day after that.
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