Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Which I Discover Ignorance Can Have Levels...

And, a corollary of this discovery is this: when I see blinding levels of ignorance from an individual it's quite possible that might cause an increased sense of respect for another equally -- or maybe now, less -- moronic individual.

Sample this video:

Indeed, I cringe at the thought that Glenn Beck will go up in my estimation. On a scale of natural numbers, my respect rating for him should now be -99 -- up from -100.

I also recognize the dangers of according such respect. Tomorrow, he might cite his "bullcrap" retort to prove he's fair and balanced.

Anyway, the video is the closest a real life event has come to my dream scenario: where Hitler meets Osama in a similarly pleasantly-lit room, exchanging notes on terror, where, all of a sudden, Hitler exclaims, "Dude! Seriously? A bomb in your underwear? And you're supposed to go to heaven after that, yes? Man -- and I sincerely don't mean to offend -- but that, in my mind, is um... a bit out there. No, not the going-to-heaven part. I'd rather fight Stalin in Moscow in the middle of December."

"But, uh, no my friend. You do not um, understand. He, uh... didn't, uh... succeed." Nervously grinning, "It was, uh, foiled. Erm... Death to America!"
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