Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A move back

Those of you who have still stuck around -- through my blog's feed, in some dusty corner of your feed readers, I'd assume -- would doubtless see this post creep upon you like a friendly priest with a packet of candy. But, I assure you, my intentions are neither that malicious nor illegal.

To the two, or three, of you still subscribed to the feed -- and hence, faced with the pleasure of reading this -- I thank you; more importantly, I commend you on your patience. It's possible you folk have more patience and faith in my return than the blokes in this play. And that, my friend(s), is illustrious company.

But I've returned here to inform you of a minor change. Those of you reading this through the feed reader won't notice a thing. [I hope you won't notice a thing, because, I believe, I've ensured the machinery in the back-end has gone through the necessary finger pointing drills I've put it through to make this a smooth transition.] Anyway, my point is I've moved back from my domain (which used Wordpress as the back-end blog CMS) to -- wait for it -- Blogger. Yes, that blogspot thing.

I've moved from wordpress to blogger!

I'll give you time to reflect upon this piece of news. Go on...

Right. The reason? First: I didn't think paying monthly for hosting justified my lack of posts. Second: I wanted to give blogger a shot. Just for old times' sake. I don't think themes are a problem. I know it's a pain to muck about in the back-end, but I've settled on the theme and I am unlikely to change it. You know me... erm, content is king and, erm, all that...

Bonus reason: I was also an idiot for not renewing my domain name. One word of advice: don't ever use Yahoo! Domains to register your domain name. When I was naive -- that will be about 3-1/2 years ago, after which I became intelligent overnight, but more on that some other day -- I was taken in by their enticing $1.99 offer for the domain name, for the first year, and I could have sworn it was $9.99 from the second year on. As it turned out it was a lot more (about thrice that). I think I was a little lax on payments; my debit card had expired in the meantime, and I went, "Meh..." In time they deleted my account and have sucked the domain into some dark, remote vortex [presumably via some shady corporation they own] and recovering it would be desperately hard; it's a huge conspiracy, I tell you. As of now, it seems there's no way to snag it back until it becomes available in the secondary market; so they say.

Those of you who know me by my real name, you might ask, "Oh, so what of your other site?" [To those who don't know me, but are discerning enough, in the next few days, I might draw a very tenuous link between my real life and the handle I go by over here. So there's hope for you.] That site will remain, and I'll take better care of it in its maintenance. I will be sporadic in updating it; almost never. But it's always good to have that domain name in place -- just in case.

Anyway, too much about myself. This blog is supposed to be about, erm, myself... never mind.

If this post is coming through feeds (behave!), let me know by leaving a comment. This, so that I know for sure I got the finger pointing of the back-end machinery sorted. You wouldn't see me requesting you to comment here again.


PS: This isn't a placeholder post where I apologise for not posting in ages only to disappear into the ether, only to return 8 months later with another apology. Well, it is, sort of, but I already have at least one post in draft form to publish soon-ish. So keep faith.

PPS: In case you've forgotten already, please comment.
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