Saturday, January 19, 2008

On Sticking Ones' Neck Out

Never have I felt so good, after having gotten something so horribly wrong.

So I will attempt to take my chances once again:

  • Ponting is due a big score. He will come good in Adelaide.

  • Brad Hogg -- who, in the light of Shaun Tait's inept showing, seems like a much better bowler -- will return and do a good job.

  • Hayden's return would ensure a hundred plus opening stand, denting India's hopes for bowling Australia out cheaply.

  • Australia, after having had a long hard look at themselves, will bounce back and thump India to win the series 3-1.

  • Bonus Prediction: An irate fan would somehow enter the ESPN-Star studio in Adelaide and give a nice little whack on Gavaskar's mouth. Seriously, I haven't seen more shit flow so freely from the mouth of a legend than I have seen from the supposed little master, over the past few weeks. Someone, quick, bite his head off.

Mark my words.

That is all.

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