Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Lionel Messi is the Real Deal

  • Not just because, in his fledgling career, he's actually lived up to the expectations that goes with every hot, young Argentinian talent - the comparisons with the legendary Maradona

  • Not just because he's been the most consistent player for Barcelona last season, when stars like Ronaldinho and Eto'o had injuries, bad form and ego to deal with

  • And, of course, not just because he managed carbon copy versions of both, Diego Maradona's goal of the century, as well as the hand of God.

It is, however, because of the joy he brings to the game when he plays and the ease with which he plays it that makes hardened pros look stupid.

It is because of moments like this, (video below) where things are so natural to him, that it looks like he's playing with his mates in his kindergarten playground. Not the Copa America semi-final against a rather good Mexico team.

Such brilliance, such technique, such audacity. A touch, a look at the keeper's position and a chip. All in some fractions of time. The joy! And he's only 20!

Oh yes, this chip reminded me of another footballing great: Eric Cantona. (So another great player emulated and checked off the list by this lad, eh?)


  1. Truly a brilliant goal. I'm sure, he will make Argentina a force to reckon with and a sure-shot WC contender (unlike other WC campaigns).

  2. pure brilliance. i stood up and clapped. twice :D