Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sultan: Super Star turns Super Hero

While all the media hype focuses on Sivaji, the Thalaivar has made sure that he will not go off the loop completely once the buzz over Sivaji dies down. This is surprising, given there is usually a big lull and uncertainty about the next Rajni movie until it, in fact, gets announced. People speculate if he is actually going to act in another movie and such. This time when we went to watch Sivaji, the Sultan trailer greeted us prior to the opening credits. Something that is sure to ensure a good buzz, once the excitement over Shankar̢۪s latest offering dies down.

It was both surprising as well as refreshing to see an actor feature in an animated movie. Well, we know Shahrukh Khan, did some voice overs in the Hindi dubbing of The Incredibles, but this one is an entirely novel concept - where the animated character is modeled on the actor. One that gives yet another endorsement of his demi-God status.

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