Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kaka Blows United's Treble Dreams

I fleetingly mentioned United's clinical demolition of Roma in the Champions' League quarterfinal. I wrote a preview to the first leg of the semi final against Milan on Soccerlens. However yesterday, in the second leg of the semi final, was when I saw some past masters of the game systematically take apart a team that had till now played breathtaking football. Kaka, a player that I admire a lot (as long as he is in the colours of Brazil) and company, showed how to keep the ball and play a team that looked terribly sluggish and out of sorts. It was heartbreaking.

I did my share of post-match analysis on Soccerlens. Go ahead and read it. On the subject of soccer and Man Utd, I suggest you read this excellent post by the Decayed Canine. Echoes a lot of similar sentiments about being a Man Utd fan (or even being a fan in general), but written much better than what I could ever manage.
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