Saturday, April 21, 2007

Random Links

Heard of Greasemonkey? The brilliant script/add-on that makes the web browsing experience on Firefox that much more special. No? Well read about it first 'cos the next couple of links have to do with Greasemonkey.

Worried about accidentally clicking on your own Adsense ads? Here's a solution.

Heard of the killer Reader + GMail integrating Greasemonkey script? Here's a way to go one several times better. It's like GMail on steroids (and without side effects)! Your Gmail experience will never be the same again.

On a different topic altogether, is a neat way of saving links or any kind of text without needing to bookmark them or store in your email account. Think of it like your online scratchpad/clipboard. Specify your URL of choice and you are good to go!
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