Friday, April 6, 2007

My old blog yesterday became #32 on the growing blogs of the day list. *Sigh* Sad thing that it happens after I leave. As the great cliche goes, "You gain some, you lose some".

Still on the subject of my old blog I was surprised to see its stats rocket up so suddenly yesterday. Reason being these search engine terms:
Sanjaya 'object of ridicule' in India

sanjaya object of ridicule
sanjaya object of ridicule in india
sanjaya object of ridicule in India
sanjaya "object of ridicule" in India
Sanjaya object of ridicule
Sanjaya object of ridicule in India
sanjaya object ridicule india

Notice the varying positions of the single and double quotation marks. Someone has been doing some furious Googling about Sanjaya. He really wants to see him ridiculed.


  1. I don't understand how the rumor got started that somehow India was responsible for Sanjaya's run...damn, I ran one of those search terms you mentioned in Google and got three news stories from SF Chronicle, ABC News, and Seattle Post with that headline.

    BTW Pikey, change your permalink structure to:
    or just /%postname%/

    Works better in search engines.

  2. [Patrix]
    About the permalink structure, this is so because this particular post is an Aside. And I don't put titles for my Asides. The other posts have the same permalink structure you mentioned.