Friday, April 13, 2007

April Madness and DesiDabba

So, the semester is finally inching towards a close and the usual desperate, 'scrambling for getting things done' process has been well and truly begun. Tons of exciting things like exams, assignments, project proposals, project presentations, report submissions and the like dot my calendar. So probably my posting frequency (which by the way has seen phenomenal highs this year) might take a beating. Gentle readers, not to worry. I will try my best to keep you informed of the said exciting things during the next few weeks.

While on the topic of blogging and posting, the nice folks at DesiDabba found me obsessed enough with television to invite me on board. And oh, I forget. DesiDabba is this attempt at a blog dedicated to television and targeted at the Indian audience. (Check out the site, I love their site design!) So yes, while my knowledge of Hindi serials may not be much to talk about, my obsession with American shows might just turn out to be my savior!

I wouldn't cross post in both places, although I will alert you as soon as I post something there. So here's my first post on DesiDabba, a review of House M. D, a show I have grown to love.


  1. Glad to have you on board. :)

  2. Check out QI [link to illegal hosting site here] , hosted by Stephen Fry. Bunch of comedians having a laugh, sprinkled with trivia. Good watch for people who are into comical quizzing :)

  3. [Sashikanth]
    The great Sashi himself?! :)
    Yeah I have seen those videos earlier. Pretty hilarious I must say!

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