Monday, December 18, 2006

Freedom at last! (Hence the delirium)

This is going to be really random so brace yourselves.


The semester got over, and they are absolutely right when they say, "I don't mind taking tests as long as I don't get to see the results". No sooner did feelings of the new found freedom sink in, than the reality of facing a month without my room mate came in thick and fast. Room mates are essential for survival in grad school. They are necessary to help you do the dishes, share your cooking time and of course, the bills.  Now he's gone out of town to his brother's place for three weeks. Void.


Routines have taken a beating for the past few days, and going out to fast food chains to ease urges of bodily fluids don't help money matters either. Thankfully nothing of that matters. Thank God for the internet and my laptop; that kind of a combination is a drug, the perfect one. You start taking them in small doses, then they increase and all things around pale in significance. What makes it perfect? One of them is free and the other is a one time buy. So I finished the first season of 24 yesterday (terribly pissed about the killing of a certain character however irritating and the revelation of a particular character as the traitor being nothing but underwhelming) and the 1st two seasons of The Office. Taking a break from 24 and probably plan to shift to Lost. The 1st season of 24 inspite of some of its shortcomings is a damn good show and is a must watch. I heard from some quarters that the 2nd season seemed overdone in parts, but trust me the first season is jam packed for the events that happen in a day. From the ratings point of view, it reached its peak in Season 5, so hopefully it's going to get only better.


I also proudly declare that I have seen the second movie after my arrival on American soil. Batman Begins. Okay, old movie and all, but I will definitely watch it again, and again. Now that is how I want Batman to be. Human. Not Supernatural. I can't wait for The Dark Knight. But I also can't imagine Heath Ledger playing the Joker. Not after Jack Nicholson's portrayal in Tim Burton's venture.


Onto other bits of randomness, extremely chuffed to learn that India unexpectedly beat South Africa and gutted in equal measure seeing a listless Manchester Utd squander away points against relegation battlers West Ham. Whatever happened to all that attacking verve we've gotten used to seeing for most part of this season?


The semester is over. But I need to treasure these 30 days before the next grind.


  1. u know what.. why don't u focus on "the grasshopper" project in these 30 days.. :)

  2. Interesting idea. Will think about it!
    I would also like to know (and hear) from the Etherdust project, soon.

  3. Yeah man.. :D
    btw if u need good tools for the grasshopper, lemme know

  4. Lucky dawg... I get precisely one week off :( But I guess you dont have live cricket telecast so in effect, you arent as lucky after all:)

  5. Keerthi,
    Whatever happened to your GK? Ever heard of Hi-speed internet, P2P streaming softwares? Live cricket matches aren't that much of a problem.
    It's another matter that my interest in the game is on the wane.