Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ah, India!

Well, atleast that's what I suppose Christopher Columbus might have said after landing here. Though I'm not sure if he ever made it to Texas. Go figure.
More on excuses for not blogging, and other things like, "Is the world any different on this side of the globe?" and "Is this year going to spell the end of Manchester United FC?" to come up as soon as I shrug off all that is associated with long haul flights and culture shocks.

Till then, my dear readers - that is, if you still exist - a 'Sorry' should hopefully be a safe word to keep you happy, inspite of this irritatingly terse post.

P.S: I know the 'Howdy!' greeting is missing, and so are a lot of other minor issues associated with this post. And any kind of incoherence here is deeply regretted.


  1. enjoy urself and we shall wait to hear ur story

  2. Is the world any different on that side of the globe? :)

  3. TT,
    yes, will enjoy. and will post story :)
    well, kinda.

  4. Ah. at long last. so, how does it feel o be twelve hours off schedule? :)

  5. Hey Piker!! How's Texas. Ran into GB yet? Keep posting your new experiences...

  6. van Kalip,
    GB? He's not in Texas. And I've got better things to do than to run into bloggers.

  7. Why the patriotic fervour. youve just been there abt some weeks.

  8. PTV,
    did u read the post? Patriotic fervour?
    In case ur referring to the post title, I was referriing to Christopher Columbus.

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