Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Days

The "Import" link was on my Wordpress dashboard since I first logged in to my Wordpress account. But laziness and a general stereotypical mindset never let me click on that link and that feature got consigned to the very depths of my ignorance.

Until recently when I read in a certain blog that Wordpress allows you to import the posts from the previous blog intact with all comments, it helped liven some spirits.

So dear readers, if clicking on the link on my sidebar leading to my old blog is a problem, then you can just go to the posts that precede my 'Holi' post.


  1. You know I still am not able to get the blogroll displayed on my page. Inspite of following your instructions...

  2. Try this. When you login, it takes you to your dashboard. In that it says "Add links to your blogroll". Well I think it doesn't get any more obvious than that. And If that does not work, I m sorry. Though I can help if we happen to meet in a place with internet connection in the vicinity.

  3. Dingo, post something. its been quite a while...

  4. this import thingy is so screwed up

  5. [runrabbitrun]
    Pray, why may I ask?