Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Intros, Indian festivals and Heroic deeds.

After putting up a post on my old blog about shutting down and getting bored I actually surprised myself. I never really expected to start this off so soon. But well, for all the boredom that is being talked about it's best I get down to blogging and explain myself in that process.

Wordpress, for one, has me impressed. It is also worth noting that most guys who shift to Wordpress mention it in their very first post, nonetheless, it's not too surprising either. Wordpress is good if you don't want to waste energy trying to use HTML tags while putting up links in your sidebar after successfully locating the slot in your template code to plug them in. Of course, you don't gain access to the code of your blog, but for lazy people it doesn't matter. Wordpress templates also, atleast (in the words of a friend who uses a far superior blogging service that is anyway beyond me) look "dignified". My friend of course wouldn't shift to Wordpress due to fear of loss of "brand value". But then, that's my friend and his point is in a way, valid; so I'll stop the digression and get back to the point.

The other obvious reason was the 'Pink' template getting onto my nerves. Initially, it looked different and fresh, but people get bored with age. 'The Observer' was a corny name even if I said, "I know it was", but I would not tolerate it, if someone attempted to deride 'The Piker'. Yes of course, watching Snatch would definitely help one appreciate and see how likeable 'The Piker' can be. Though I hope to be more coherent and intelligible in thoughts and language.

Here is a gift from The Piker.

That about concludes the formalities.

* * * * *

Moving on to more pertinent subjects, it's just few hours away from the day I have begun to dread a lot. Holi, as most people around would call 'the festival of colours', very conveniently masks the fact that people actually get drenched in coloured water. Not that I was unaware of it, but for us south-Indians for whom the nearest we come to celebrating Holi is to either wish our north-Indian brothers or write it in our school essays. I have written about holi in not one but
three languages under 'My Favorite Festival', 'Mera Priya Tyohaar' and 'Mama Priy Tyohaar'(For the uninitiated that was English, Hindi and Sanskrit - of course, for those who didn't know the first was English, you wouldn't be reading this anyway). Picture this, "Dude A comes and throws some really repulsive colours mixed with water and splashes it on Dude B. Dudes C,D,E... also pounce on B as if it was a planned attack and all of them rejoice at their success in nuking B. Dude B wouldn't sulk but give out a grin showing off his multi-colored teeth and start jumping with joy as A,C,D,E... join him. Just pause reading for a while and picture B doing that, jumping and grinning and drowning in all that colour that's going to take him a year to get off before he again gets into another set of brand new colours. I don't know if it's just me but, but words like 'retard' and 'mental' pop out of my head. I was excited about Holi in when I was in the first year, but not any more. It's not just ochlophobia that I am suffering from but Indian festivals in general has come to mean a lot of people converging at a point and making a lot of noise. How about celebrating Holi, the festival of lights, by decorating the house (and the city) in various colors and have food with family that's probably nicely coloured (as in food colouring) rather than the usual jumping and screaming?

Ah well! What do you know? Call me a sadist. It's anyway a festival celebrated because some female got burned, although how it has come to be associated with colors, I am yet to figure.

I still like Diwali though.

And, before I sign off, I will also add (though a little late) that the recently concluded ODI cricket match between South Africa and Australia was the greatest ever played. But I also came across people who did not think so.

Anyway, here is another chance to relive those moments.


  1. Congrats on the new place, the third one if i am right.

    use natural colours and plain water and play it with the people u love. no mess and loads of fun :)

    u called holi the festival of lights...galti se mishtake ho gaya? or did i miss that lesson in school?

  2. [TT]
    yeah its the Third One, and I hope to keep it that way this time round.
    This time I managed to get NOT a single bit of color on my face (which I would term as a successful Holi for me)

    about Holi being a fesitval of lights, human error. Kindly excuse

  3. Nishe. Congrats on your new address, pikey-boy.
    The word for tyohaar in sanskrit is utsavah.
    The ozzie-protea match was class, and I doubt if itll ever be repeated, the feat I mean.
    And pink is a sick colour, now that you say it. Artists will say it drains ones zeal and energy pshychologically speaking.
    Btw, I have changed the link.
    Cya around

  4. Thanx for the pink criticism, though cannot call it honest as u held it back till I spelt it out my self :)
    Hope the white template keeps you happy