Saturday, February 5, 2005

Cross Purposes

It has been a thought. Umm... yes. A thought, definitely.

During a long span of time when the body does nothing even remotely active and the mind does nothing remarkably profound it is at this moment of activity drought that makes a system thirst for something worthwhile. Probably the human body constitution becomes arable for a thought process that would actually be something worth 'thinking' about. It was a thought; most definitely a thought that was given a look-in by one such thirsty human system.

A guy, (lets call him X) goes to school as a kid. He goes to school as that's what his parents tell him will make him 'big' in life. Soon he develops the ability to think for himself and then decides things that suits his needs. Let's say, he takes up science so that he can go for an engineering degree. He takes up engineering, so that he can become an engineer. He works so that he can earn money. He probably goes for higher studies (maybe, an MBA or a Masters' degree) so that he can earn more money. He earns more money so that he can have a luxurious life, happy wife or happy family. The story can go on till his death and his children's death and yet follow the same pattern. X does Y so that he can get Z. X does z so that he can attain A... That is life, so that life can be something else.

How about something like, "I do THIS for the pleasure of doing THIS. This makes me feel happy, or contented, or whatever state I intended to have when I had a certain other motivation as in the previous example." How many times have we ever done something for the pleasure of doing just that particular task and nothing else? Probably during the innocence of our childhood when it was only our surrounding people who used to tell us what to do. I had mentioned in a post in my old blog once that I had gone out to treat some friends just for the sake of treating them. I was surprised when other guys kept pestering me on 'why' I treated them. They tried their best to look for a 'hidden' motive which was never there!

Ah! The beauty of 'Purposelessness'. How great it would have been if the purpose of me to study would be the pleasure of studying itself. A purposeless world where there is a unison between cause and effect. The reason to sleep is sleep only. The reason to work is work only. The reason to earn money would be to... well... to earn money only. The cynical will still think money to be the motivating factor for what, all humans do but at the crux of it all, the one underlying need for all man is to reach a state of satisfaction. Which means life should look rosy to him. For which he begins the rat race called the money chase. On the other hand, if he actually likes what he is doing, he might actually get pretty good at what he is doing because of the passion with which he does it, which in turn might make money flow into his life. But of course at that state that he is in, money becomes essential for his survival and not his sole ticket towards contented existence. Doing what one loves is a natural tendency. In practice, we could love probably two or three things that we do in life totally, and mostly they've already happened in the distant past during the time of childhood innocence, before the great 'education' corrupted our thoughts. The fact that this whole idea occurred to me is quite ironical considering the fact that I had nothing to do at that time.

Probably, it is the child in me that tries to raise its voice over the din that we live in. Probably it is trying to tell me more about the beauty of a motiveless, purposeless world. How should I tell it that the world on the outside won't let me do it? Probably, the child might give up and I would miss my touch with innocence for ever. Probably...

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