Thursday, December 2, 2004

Hello Mr. Kafka!

Here is something that popped in my mind during the time I usually spend in trying to sleep...1."I wont tell you who I am because, such a question never comes up between two very close friends. The point is that I am every man's friend. I help him at his moment of greatest need. I am the spokesperson for every rich and famous celebrity. My shield works when no other shield in the world works. I fight for man's self respect, shielding him from every explorable shortcoming of his. However, if some prying eyes do manage to see through the shield, my friend starts losing his respect in society. But that is the length of this great joke that life is. I am the protector of man. But my job is not to get identified. It is very selfless. But if I fail, I end up being branded as a scapegoat for a person's downfall. That is my sob story. I think now you know who I am."

2."The early morning sun falls on my face through the window, breaking the blank and seemingly dreamless sleep that I was in till then. I turned my face away from the window and opened my eyes. Except for the ray of light that came in through the window, the rest of the room was dark. Though a regular phenomenon, this came to my notice only today. I closed my eyes for a brief moment. Some images flashed by, notably being that of a man floating peacefully on a raft in a river. Suddenly he realises that the river is leading to a depression where there is a great fall. He will now have to row against the current; only that it is getting stronger by the moment. I opened my eyes."

Now, you could try answering the first one "Who am I?" and for the second one you could give your interpretations as to what the guy (me!) thought. Both are pretty simple if you think it MY way. I will give you the actual answers in a day or two after I get enough responses. By the way this is my original plagiarism involved. It is my way of saying a hello to Uncle Franz. And if all this is very irritating, you could just slip in a comment expressing your sentiments
(preferrably in a kafkaesque way!). I might have a nice time figuring it out. Have fun!

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